School: Bennekerry, Carlow

Bennekerry, Co. Carlow
Liam Ó hAodha

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Bennekerry, Carlow | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0907, Page 377

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There are some very old travellers still gong around this district. Some of them are over seventy years. They sell laces, studs, and thread. Most of these old travellers sleep in old cattle houses in the fields, and a few make their beds in shetery [sic] places on the roadside. On a night before a fair in Carlow or Castledermott many travellers call.

There is a class of people called travellers who year after year travel the same roads and ply their trade at the same houses, much the same way as we go to town and buy our goods in the same shops. There is an old man, known as "Kildare Jack", who sells bootlaces, pins, studs, needles, and thread. He has been on this road for over thirty five years, and often saves people a journey to town to get these little articles.

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James Mc Guill
Bennekerry, Co. Carlow