School: Borris (C.)

Borris, Co. Carlow
Bean Uí Loinneáin

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Our Local Patron Saint

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0904, Page 503

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Saint Moling is the patron saint of this district. He lived during the Golden Age and belonged to the Princely Mac Murragh family. The Kavanaghs of Borris House, a branch of the same noble race, treasure as an heirloom, the "Liath Meisicith" a beautifully carved box in which repose copies of the Gospels transcribed by St Moling. The Kavanaghs alas! no longer profess the faith of St Moling.
Our saint spent many years of his prieslty life at Ros Breac, now called St Mullins in his honour. There overlooking the Serpentine wind of the noble Barrow, he built a fine church and monastery, the ruins of which are still impressive. About 200 yards from the church he dug a well, which never runs dry. Then he connected it with a tributary of the Barrow flowing by Glynn 1/4 mile away, by means of a channel which, unaided, he himself dug. During his laborious work he neither tasted nor bathed in the water - he waited until he consecrated it in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He promised that anyone who walked through the water

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Eileen Quinn
Borris, Co. Carlow