School: Borris (C.)

Borris, Co. Carlow
Bean Uí Loinneáin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0904, Page 449

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The birds to be found in this district are the robin, thrush, skylark, owl, yellow-hammer, sparrow, swallow, willy-wag-tail & blackbird. Until about ten years ago the pheasant was a familiar bird in Borris Demesne but now one is seldom seen.
In mid-Autumn the swallow, sparrow & cuckoo desert us for warmer climes but return with the Spring. In September the swallows wing their way south - I believe they go to Central Africa. The cuckoo spends the winter in the South of Europe. In Autumn the curlews, dipping & circling in the air & uttering peculiar sounds are very prevalent in the district & so plentiful are the crows that Lower Borris is often called "Crow Street". Just after nightfall the "Hoot Hoot" of the owl is heard in Ballytiglea.
The swallow builds her nest in the eve of houses. She is a bird that few people like to interfere with. The story is current that if the owner of cows killed a swallow, the cows would yield blood instead of milk & should the killer not have cows,

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