School: Borris (C.)

Borris, Co. Carlow
Bean Uí Loinneáin

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Borris (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0904, Page 417

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Hidden Treasure
There is supposed to be hidden gold in Gittons' Rath and it is guarded by Jack o' the Lantern. Lights are often seen at night in the Rath. Jack was once caught and forced to show the position of the treasure. As a guide, Jack's captor stuck a fur bush in the spot but, when he came next morning to dig up the treasure, fur bushes were stuck all over the Rath - the wily Jack had outwitted his captor.
Above story told by Maureen Kelly, Kilcoltrim.

There is treasure beneath the ruins of an old church in William McKelvie's field, Kilcloney. The story goes that it will not be found until a searcher loses his life.
A Limerick man dreamt of and came in search of this treasure, but when he heard of necessity for loss of life, he returned home.
Above story told by Theresa Fitzpatrick, Cloneygoose.

Theresa Fitzpatrick
Clonygoose, Co. Carlow