School: Baile Uí Mhurchadha, Borris

Ballymurphy, Co. Carlow
Michael Ó Seachnasaigh

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How the Fairies Came

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0904, Page 128

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When the Gaels came to Ireland there was a race of people there named Tuatha De Danaan's, and they claimed to be magicians. When the Gaels came to the shore the Tuatha De Danaan's told them to go out a bit on sea and they should have warned them Then they told them to go back to their ships and sail out a bit on sea. The Gaels thought that was easy. Then the Tuatha De Danaans caused a great fog to come around the shore so that they would not be able to come back. Then they caused a great storm of wind so that many of the ships were dashed to pieces on the rocks and some of the people were drowned, but the Gaels were a brave race who never gave in, and in spite of the winds of the magicians they landed in Ireland. When the magicians heard they were landed, they knew their day was over they were very angry for they did'nt like to be ruled over by the Gaels, nor either did they like to leave Ireland for they liked it too well. So they hid themselves in the mountains and hills of Ireland. These are the "Sidhe" or the Faries of whom we have heard so much of.

Breda Doran
Mohullen, Co. Carlow
(name not given)