School: Inch, Borris

Clanagh, Co. Carlow
Michael J. O'Donoghue
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0903, Page 680

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0903, Page 680

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  4. XML “The Fox and the Horse”

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  1. A peasant had an old horse who had served him faithful. He was very old and was not able to work anymore.
    The peasant turned him out and told him if he was able to bring a lion home with him he would keep him as long as he lived.
    The horse went into the wood and remained there till he met his old friend the fox. The fox asked the horse why he was so sorrowful. The horse told him the whole story of what the happened.
    Then the fox told him to lie down and pretend to be dead and he would bring a lion.
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    AT0033: The Fox Plays Dead and is Thrown out of the Pit and Escapes
    AT0047A: The Fox (Bear, etc) Hangs by his Teeth to the Horse's Tail, Hare's Lip