School: Drummond

Drummin, Co. Carlow
P. Ó Murchadha

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Drummond | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0903, Page 469

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home for breakfast. When breakfast was over all the friends gathered and danced for a couple of hours. Then the married couple would go off on their honeymoon.

Shrove Tuesday is the last day before Lent and so it is usually given to feasting and joy because there can be no more amusement until Easter again. That is the reason it is a "day of pancakes". Everyone makes and eats pancakes. It is called Shrove Tuesday because on that day everyone is supposed to go to confession to be shriven or forgiven their sins in preparation for the Holy season of Lent. In Ireland Shrove Tuesday is a great day for marriages as they are forbidden in Lent. There is usually great fun, joy and dancing at these weddings.

Daniel Fluskey

There is but one holy well St Moling's well in this parish. It got its name from St Moling. The 17th June is St Moling's day. It was the custom long ago to visit the well on that day and do the pilgrimage but very few people visit it on that day now. A man from Kilkenny who was blind of one eye came some

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