School: Shinrone (B.)

Shinrone, Co. Offaly
William Mac Mahon
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0819, Page 001

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0819, Page 001

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  1. Funny Stories.
    Once upon a time there lived a man named Jack
    Booley he lived in Nenagh. He was kind of mad. The nenagh guards were always following him,
    trying to catch him. One day as he was going to Nenagh. Jack met a crowd of Guards on the road and a man in the middle of them. The guards They did not know Booley. They were asking each other who was the dead man. Jack went up and said Oh'thats poor Jack Booley Lord have Mercy on him. The guards never said anymore only buried the man. One day as Jack was walking down the street of Roscrea, when he met a women. Hello Jack I Heard you were dead said the woman. I heard the same myself and I would'nt believe it.
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