School: Banagher (B.)

Banagher, Co. Offaly
Séamus Ó Maoilchéire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0816, Page 446

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0816, Page 446

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  1. Old Irish words still surviving.
    Although Irish has long since ceased to be the spoken language in this district many Irish words still remain especially amongst the country folk:-
    Shanty = an old house.
    Poreen = a small potato.
    Ciaran + a clod of turf.
    Spog = a wet sod of turf (over a chimney foot).
    slean = a slane.
    ge = a goose. hi ge.
    cearc = a hen. hi cearc.
    muc - a pig hi muc.
    deoo deoo = used to call a pig.
    Amadan = a fool of a boy.
    Oinsiac= - - - a girl.
    Stiaoill = an untidy person.
    sroins = an untidy or lazy person
    cailin = a girl ( used when speaking to cows when milking them).
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    James J. Mulhare