School: Banagher (B.)

Banagher, Co. Offaly
Séamus Ó Maoilchéire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0816, Page 416

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0816, Page 416

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  1. Old Riddles
    There were many very old riddles in Ireland long ago. Here are some of them.
    Q. What is the smallest thing int he world?
    A. A pimple in a midges nose.
    Q. What is smaller than a midge's mouth?
    A. The bit that goes into his mouth.
    Q. Riddle, riddle, ree, what shall it be, through a rock, through a reel, through an old spinning wheel, through a millers hopper, through a bag of pepper, through an old man's shin bone.
    A. A moth.
    Q. What is in a shop window that cannot be sold; what is in the water that cannot be drowned; what is in a meadow that cannot be cut?
    A. The rays of the sun.
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