School: Banagher (B.)

Banagher, Co. Offaly
Séamus Ó Maoilchéire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0816, Page 367

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0816, Page 367

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  1. Old Ruins 15/2/37
    There are about four very old ruins around Banagher. On the banks of the Shannon there are two old towers. One of them was built by Oliver Cromwell about the year 1650. It was occupied by his soldiers. There is supposed to be treasure buried in this tower. One day three men were searching for it in the tower. They found three bags of it. They were going to bring the gold home when they saw a man standing over them. He was so fierce looking that they became afraid and started to run and they did not stop until they reached home. The next day they searched the tower again but no gold was to be found. The other tower was occupied by the martello soldiers in olden times. Then the castle of Garrycastle
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