School: Bloomhill

Cloncraff or Bloomhill, Co. Offaly
C. Nic Annraoi
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0812, Page 485

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0812, Page 485

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  1. Long ago each village had a football team. Football was always played in this district but not so much hurling. This village of Bloomhill had a very good team and they were able to beat Ballyduff and Clonascra. The matches were played in the different villages; that is they played in Bloomhill on Sunday and the following Sunday in Ballyduff or Clonascra and so on.
    Whenever a match was played in Bloomhill it was always in Mr. Daly's field. The Bloomhill team called themselves "musk rats" and the Ballyduff team called themselves "white mice". These matches were played between the different townslands but as well as that there were bigger matches between parishes.
    There was a great match some years ago between Bloomhill and Clonfanlough. Bloomhill won. The ball used was like the present day one but very often they made their own footballs.
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