School: Muclach

Mucklagh, Co. Offaly
S. Ó Néill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0805, Page 092

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0805, Page 092

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  1. I have a churn at home. It is a nice churn. It is an old churn. My mother and father call(s) it a "Tumbler". It is about three feet in height. It is about two and a half feet in width. The churn is worked with a handle. There are beaters inside in it. When the handle is turned the beaters begin working. The churn is on a stand. There is a lid on the churn. The people know when the butter is made by the milk getting thick. Hot water is poured into the milk when the butter is comming on it, to make the butter gather quickly. The women lift it out with two pats. They (then) wash it with cold water, to wash the milk out of it. They put salt in it, and make it. If a man come(s) in he did not say "God bless the work" when you would be churning the butter would disappear in the churn. The way you would get in back is to get
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    Lily Boylan
    Saint O'Hara's Hill, Co. Offaly