School: Rahan

Raheen, Co. Offaly
B. Nic Lochlainn

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The O'Dempsey Ring

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0804, Page 041

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The O'Dempseys were great people who lived in Offaly long ago. They had a large castle, and every day Lord O'Dempsey used to sit in his castle window and watch his men ringing his horsees on the O'Dempsey Ring. Lord O'Dempsey had a pass-way from the castle to the ring and it is still plain to be seen.

St. Finnian's well is said to be near the castle and the Plate of the castle is buried near it.
Tourists call from time to time to see the O'Dempsey Ring, but it is over grown with bushes, and ferns now, and it is very difficult to find the ring.