School: Rahan

Raheen, Co. Offaly
B. Nic Lochlainn

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Our Lady's Brooch

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0804, Page 039

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Long ago as the Holy Family were walking along a certain road, our Lady lost the pin of her cloak which she had wrapped around the Holy Infant. She asked a cowherd to give her a thorn which would do for a brooch. The cowherd said he had no time, although he had nothing to do but to watch the cows. A second cowherd made the same excuse.

As they were passing the forge of a smith, the blacksmith saw that our Lady needed a brooch. He took a piece of money from his pocket, and made a beautiful brooch and gave it to our Lady. Ever since a blacksmith who washes himself in the water that cools the iron feels himself refreshed.