School: Kilclonfert

Kilclonfert, Co. Offaly
T. Mainséal

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Kilclonfert | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0803, Page 269

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are lifted off and hidden sometimes the gates of neighbours, not on speaking terms are exchanged the ensuing row being a source of great enjoyment to the perpetrators of the dead. Other tricks are also played and of course the victim is always some crunky old man or other individual who has incurred the displeasure of the young boys of the place. Cart-wheels are taken and hidden or exchanged carts are dismantled and taken into houses where they are re-assembled. Doors are tied and chimneys stuffed with straw or hay. Many people will not leave their own houses after dark on Nov. 1st. The belief is that all the souls are supposed to re-visit the places where they lived while on earth and no Catholic will retire on that night without saying at least a prayer for the departed.


Old custom still survives in the locality though it has lost much of it's splendour and traditions. It is now carried out only by a few who go about from house to house for sole purpose of collecting whatever money people may be pleased to give them. Groups consisted of only three or four young people. There is no music or

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