School: Kilclonfert

Kilclonfert, Co. Offaly
T. Mainséal

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Hallow Eve

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0803, Page 268

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Usual games played, brack for tea with ring in it. He who gets ring is supposed to be married in near future. If a married man gets it much of the fun is lost. There are also apples nuts etc. The games of snap apple and "grain roasting are still carried on. An apple is hung from the ceiling and the player is supposed to eat without using his hands a variation of this game is where the apple is put in a tub of water. This is a source of great sport and merriment for the hands are tied behind the back and the player often falls or is pushed head foremost into the water. Two grains of wheat or two nuts representing a boy and girl are place on the bar of the fire grate or on a coal shovel over the fire. If the two nuts or grain remain together and jump together the pair will become man and wife. Many boys and girls also though usually the former dress up in old clothes, disguise themselves with masks or vizards as they call them and visit the neighbouring houses where they play all kinds of pranks and create much sports. They are called huggadas and they are usually well supplied with music and at the end of the performance the hat is sent around for money. A general custom here is known as "gate-snatching". In the early hours of the morning of Nov. 1st. gates

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