School: Edenderry (2)

Edenderry, Co. Offaly
R. Mulholland

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0801, Page 209

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Species of Birds.
Some are birds of prey who have to hunt for their food as the raven, the eagle and the hawk. Some other birds are a bit tamer and do not hunt for their food, but eat haws, berries and crumbs. And some birds as kept as pets they are the pigeons and canaries.
Speech of Birds.
The crow and the jackdaw say "caw -caw", the robin say "tweet - twee", the cuckoo says "coo - cu", the corncrake says "corncrake" and the pigeons say "Coo - coo".
A Story.
There is a story that there was a race to see who was king of the birds. When the birds were all in a line to start the little wren got in among the feather of the eagle, but the eagle did not feel him.
So when the race had started, the little birds after a while got tired and dropped behind, but the big ones went on, then they too became tired and then the wren flew out of its hiding place and flew on and won the race.