School: Shanakill, Roscrea

Shanakill, Co. Tipperary
Seán Ó Ceallaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0547, Page 119

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0547, Page 119

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    The teachers were Master Corbett and Miss Margaret Maher. Master Corbett lived in Skehana. He was lame. Margaret Maher lived in Killoke before she got married and when she was married to Mr. Fionnle she lived a few pers. from the school. Afterwards she resigned.
    About fifty years ago Master Dargan was the only teacher.
    In those days the pupils used get an hour's play. The game often played was pelting stones. Two teams would be arranged about fifty yds. from each other and then the pelting would begin.
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  2. Spinning and Weaving
    There was a man named Tom Leahy who was a spinner and a weaver. He lived about 100 perches from our house. He had a spinner and a weaver and a carder. He used card the wool and spin and weave it. We have a beautiful white table cloth at home yet that he spun. It is done in diamonds. It is about 70 years ago since he lived. He used to earn his living by spinning and weaving.
    Basket Making
    Basket makers were very plentiful in my grandfather's time. My grandfather was able to make all kinds of basket and my father is able to make them yet.
    There was another basket maker named Billy Fanning of Couraganeen. He used make them for sale about 20 years ago.
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