School: Ballyhogue

Ballyhoge, Co. Wexford
Mrs. Margaret Cahill

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Ballyhogue | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0902, Page 236

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Mr. William Carley of Bellevue cures the yellow jaunders; Mrs. Gaul, Ballyhogue and Mrs. Maher Bellevue can cure worm fever.

Ring-worm can be cured with butter and sulphur. Mrs. Darcy, Ballyhogue can make this cure, and also a cure for erysipelas. These cures we usually kept and handed down in certain families.

Mary E. Kavanagh

Other herbs used as cures are canabhán-beag, dandelion, daisy-roots, combfree, crowfoot, healing leaf and St. John's herb.
Canabhán beag and daisy-roots cure worm-fever. The roots of combfree and of crowfoot cure sprains. Healing leaf cures cuts and sores.

Harmful weeds are docks, thistles, ragweed, charlock, lambs-quarter, chicken-weed, fairy-flax, spunk, blood-weed, wild mint, bog-weed, the yellow daisy.
These harm the soil and destroy crops.