School: Ballyhogue

Ballyhoge, Co. Wexford
Mrs. Margaret Cahill

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Ballyhogue | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0902, Page 200

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The Robin
I like the robin because he stays with us the whole year. He is red and brown he is as big as a chicken he is shaped like an egg. He builds his nest in ditches and walls. He makes it of moss and hair.
The robin lays five eggs. They are white and speckled. The young robins come out in March.

The Skylark
The skylark is a nice singer and he is a brown bird. He builds his nest in fields. His nest is made of moss and ferns and hair. He is called the skylark because he flys high in the air. The eggs are black. The skylark lays six eggs. He has a nice sweet cheerful song.

The Blackbird
The blackbird is black and big and a good singer, The nest is big and made of sticks it is generally made in a bunch of briars. The eggs are blue in colour and big and she lays five eggs in her nest. The song is like the song of a great singer. When the blackbird wants to hide and let no one see her nest she flies to a place near her nest and looks all around her to see if anyone is looking at her if not she flies to her nest. The blackbird eats snails and worms and berries.

The Skylark
The skylark lays eight or nine eggs and she is grey

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James Fitzpatrick
Ballyhoge, Co. Wexford
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Ballyhoge, Co. Wexford