School: Courtnacuddy (roll number 5038)

Courtnacuddy, Co. Wexford
(name not given)
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 251

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 251

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  1. On the land of Miss Devereux, Courtnacuddy, Enniscorthy and on that of Mr Murphy + Mr Frayney of same adress there are fields called "the old Town".
    This is supposed to be the place where the old village of Courtnacuddy once stood, and the appearance of one of the fields bears out this, as it full of little mounds + hollows. Then too, there is a lane leading to it from the road, which is called the Moat lane which was probably the old road leading to the village. There is a Rath or Dún beside this lane surrounded by trees.

    It is said that the main road from Carlow to Wexford passed through Courtnacuddy, over Bree hill to Wexford. The lanes in the district all run in the Carlow-Wexford direction, and there are remains of many houses to be seen, showing that at one time the district was a thickly populated one.
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    Mr P. Murphy
    Courtnacuddy, Co. Wexford