School: Courtnacuddy (roll number 5038)

Courtnacuddy, Co. Wexford
(name not given)
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 237

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 237

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  1. Miss Mahon of Knockredmond who is eighty years told this story. It is over a hundred years ago a man named Thomas Dunne hid money under a crab tree in Townmaloge, where he died.
    Old people dont like the idea of leaving money in the world, so he buried it. Thomas Dunne had a nephew and he tried to dig it up but he failed, when he went near the tree smoke belched up as if there was someone inside.

    There was a sorcress in New Ross, and day as he was going to the fair with the idea of seeing the sorcress, but he chanded his mind and turned back. As he was strolling along one of the streets a woman came up to him and said,
    "You are wanting to know about the money? He nearly fell with astonished as he never spoken to her before. She told him he need never worry about the money that no Dunne should handle one penny of it, that if it was ment for him his uncle would have willed it to him.

    There are huge holes dug around the tree plain to be seen, these holes are the remains of where people tried to dig and find the money.
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    Peggy Crowley
    Castleboro Demesne, Co. Wexford