School: Courtnacuddy (roll number 5038)

Courtnacuddy, Co. Wexford
(name not given)
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 208

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 208

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  1. In the Co of Wexford in the parish of Davidstown in the townland of Dranagh mid way between Enniscorthy and Clonroche on the farm of James Bowe -
    A work man named Edward Doyle was sent to bury a sheep.
    He started to dig. When he had dug about three feet down he came upon a flag. He called two other workmen and then the boss came on the scene. They got up the flag and underneath was a fire place.
    About five feet deep and seven feet long and two feet wide. There was soot and ashes with the stones in which it was lined. At one end there was a tunnel out into a lane way.
    The oldest man in the district could not tell anything about it .
    Some hundred and fifty years ago this farm belonged to a Hayden family
    There is an old prophecy that there is a croc of gold around this place.
    We were very excited when we found this cave we thought we had the gold.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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    Thomas Bowe
    Dranagh, Co. Wexford