School: Courtnacuddy (roll number 5038)

Courtnacuddy, Co. Wexford
(name not given)
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 201

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 201

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    Long years ago there was a catholic church and burial ground in Moneyhore.

    Long years ago there was a catholic church and burial ground in Moneyhore. How long ago it is nobody seems to know but it is supposed to have existed at the same time as a monastry that existed in Scoby. It is generally supposed that the two places were connected by an under-ground passage and the opening to this passage still exists at the Scoby end but there is no trace of an opening in Moneyhore.
    There was also a burial ground attached to Scoby. The head stones are still to be seen in Moneyhore.
    Some people think that these places were smaller branches of Clonmore, Bree. Other people think there was no connection between them. There are no records to show at what period these places flourished, and people who go in for looking up these records say that they can
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    Mr Walter Furlong
    Dranagh, Co. Wexford