School: Askamore (roll number 15675)

Askamore, Co. Wexford
Margaret McGrath
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0895, Page 037

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0895, Page 037

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  1. Black cat's blood and double Kehoe's blood is supposed to be a certain cure for body shingles.
    Cobwebs are used for stopping blood from a fresh cut.
    When we get a sty on our eye we get a thorn from a goose-berry bush, and stab it three times , and after a time it disappears.
    When a whitlow comes on a finger, the cure is to dip it three times in boiling potato water.
    When we get an erysipelas we scorch a quantity of flour, and make a poultice, and apply daily for nine days.
    There is a certain herb that grows in a bog, but is hard to be got. It is called stone-parsley, which we boil down in new milk. It is used to cure back ache and kidney disease.
    A certain cure for measles is sheep-saffron boiled in milk also. It is also drank.
    If we were addicted to warts an old time cure was to go to a blacksmiths forge , and dip the wart nine times in the water in which the blacksmith cools his iron.
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    1. activities
      1. medical practice
        1. folk medicine (~11,815)
    Rosaleen Moore
    Askamore, Co. Wexford
    Mr Patrick Gortland
    Askamore, Co. Wexford