School: Court (roll number 13335)

Courtballyedmond, Co. Wexford
Criostóir Ó Cuanáin, Liam de Noraidh

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A Selection of Riddles

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0890, Page 028

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Nov 16th, 1938. A Selection of Riddles.

A ton of coal cost a pound and a cwt cost two shillings and sixpence. What did the coal come to? Ashes.
What can go under the water without being smothered? A duck.
Why is the letter p a nice letter? Because it is the last in help and the first in pity.
What is the smallest bridge in the world? The bridge of your nose.
What man sits before the king with his hat on? His coachman.
When does a man stand behind his pipe? When he is smoking it.
What is it that never asks a question yet requires many answers. A door.
Which ship do we all like to avoid? Hardship.
When should you lose your temper? When it is a bad temper.
What is that neither can see nor hear nor talk? Nothing.
What County in Ireland is most like a bottle? Cork.
Maggie Lacey, Garrydaniel, Monamolin, Gorey.

Maggie Lacey
Garrydaniel, Co. Wexford