School: Ballygarrett (roll number 16409)

Donaghmore, Co. Wexford
Séamus Ó Duinn

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Ballygarrett | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0888, Page 003

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Hidden Treasure
Two men lived in a village not far from here. For three nights they dreamt that there was gold hidden in Morris Castle. They did not know the road there. One day they started out to look for it. Soon they were there. So they started to dig and they dug until they came to a flag stone, then they got afraid and so they went home. They did not get the gold. They say that in order to get the gold blood has to be shed.
Patrick kehoe

Hidden Treasure

In Donaghmore grave yard in the sailors grave, a crock of gold is supposed to be hidden. Three men from Ballygarrett dreamt three nights in succession about this treasure. They made up their minds to dig and see if they could get it .
The next day they went to the grave yard and began to dig. They dug up the ground until they came to the stone on top of the crock.
At that time there was a stairs in the old church and the people used to have their goats in pairs. Two of these goats got half-way up these stairs, and one began to pull the other. Then the chain which fastened them together rattled and the men heard it and thought it was the devil.

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Nan Wafer