School: Naomh Bríghid, Blackwater (roll number 7036)

Blackwater, Co. Wexford
Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin

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Fairy Stories

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0886, Page 104

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Miss O'Connor told me the following rather startling stories. They are the East Wexford version of Sleab na mban p?

She mentions that it was usual in the old days for the buscaill aimsire to "herd" the horses when the days work was done (In Summer).
A certain John Wafer, grandfather of 'Kehoes of the Mill Pond', a family in this neighbourhood sent his 'boy' to herd horses of a summer evening. The 'boy' slept and it was night when he awoke. He was much surprised to see a woman in her night attire not far from him and when he spoke to her she made no answer. She appeared to be quite normal otherwise and when he brought her to his employer's house she spoke not a word.
She remained on for about a year and 'ar adniaraige an Saogail' the boy herding the horses in the same ráitín slept and was wakened by voices which said:
"If only the bit of rush under her tongue were taken out she'd speak".
This was done. The woman spoke and said she was from Tipperary and was taken away on her wedding night.

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Miss O' Connor