School: Naomh Bríghid, Blackwater (roll number 7036)

Blackwater, Co. Wexford
Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin

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Festival Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0886, Page 032

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St. Stephen's Day:
The custom of going round with the wren was practiced in this district but as far I can gather it is now dead for some sixty or seventy years. No rhymes exist.

St. Patrick's Day:
No particular custom relative to this other than the wearing of the shamrock. It might be of interest to mention here a custom in West Cork (Berehaven) in connection with above feast:
A switch of sally was thrust into the Gríseach and when blackened well was drawn out and with it was made a figure of a cross on the naked right arm of every member of the family. The Blessed Trinity was invoked thus: In the name of the Father then the downward line of the Cross , and ... Son - then the cross line: and ... Holy Ghost - repeat downward line and at the Amen the Cross line repeated once more. The custom has wholly died out there now I understand.

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