School: Baile an Chnuich (Hilltown)

Hilltown, Co. Wexford
Simon Murphy

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Local Cures - Herbs Etc.

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0882, Page 187

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Warts :-
A snail rubbed on the wart three times and the "Sign of the Cross" made is supposed to cure them. There is a weed called sun spurge and it has milky juice, this juice when rubbed on the wart is believed to cure them. There is a blessed well in the ruins of a Church in Ballinglee and when the "Sign of the Cross is made on the warts with the water three times the warts are cured.
Some people say that a cure for warts is to count them and for every wart you have place a little stone in a bag and leave it on the crossroad and the first person to pick it up will get all your warts. Another cure for warts is to dip them in forge water. If you but a fasting spit on the warts for nine mornings it is said to cure them.
To cure a wart, stick a needle in it and put a lighting match to it, leave it for a few minutes and the wart will come away in a few days.
If you find a snail rub it on the wart, then put the snail on a thorn and as the snail decays the wart will also decay. There is a knock in Kilcaven and it is said that if you went every morning for nine mornings and dip down the part of the hand that the wart is on it would soon be cured. Put two potatoes in a

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