School: Baile an Chnuich (Hilltown)

Hilltown, Co. Wexford
Simon Murphy

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Place Names and Names of Fields

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0882, Page 184

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The Castle Meadow - in Clonmines,
because one of the seven castles of Clonmines was built on it.

The Rath field - in Giblets town
because there is a rath in it.
The Christening stone - in Coolbrook.
So called because it is believed that in olden times children were christened there. The stone at which they were believed to be christened is still there.
Chapel Field : Coolbrook.
It is believed a chapel stood there at one time.
Moíne Mór - Coolbrook,
boggy + turf-like.
Paírcín : favourite names for small fields commonly used in locality.
Bán Sídheóg : Ballyknock,
believed to have been the residence of a fairy.
Chapel field : McCormacks
A chapel is believed to have stood there, remains still to be seen
Tobar na gCapall - Busherstown,
a well which was a favourite drinking place for horses.

Curry's Hill - in Rosegarland.
it is said that a man by the name of Curry was shot on this hill long ago.
Corrigein field. in Kildery.
there is a small rock in it.
Bloody field :- in Rosegarland.
it is said that a

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