School: Baile an Chnuich (Hilltown)

Hilltown, Co. Wexford
Simon Murphy

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0882, Page 172

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Q. Little Jenny with a red nose, the longer she stands the shorter she grows?
A. A Candle
Q. Why are tall people laziest?
A. Because they are longer in bed.
Q. What is like half the moon?
A. The other half.
Q. Black I am though much admired men worked at me till they were tired, they broke my bones and bruised my face and took me from my native place.?
A. Coal.
Q. As round as an apple as deep as a pail it does not make a sound till its caught by the tail.?
A. A Bell.
Q. If a barrel of coal cost five shillings what would a ton come to.?
A. Ashes
Q. A head like a thimble a tail like a rat if you guessed for ever you would'nt guess that?
A A Pipe.
Q. Two black men and one white man went

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