School: Kilmore Convent School

Kilmore, Co. Wexford
Sr. Lorcan Ní Riain

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Bargy Castle

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0877, Page 135

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Bargy Castle which takes its name from the Barony upon whose boundary it stands was built by Harvey Mont Maurice uncle to Strongbow.

Of the numerous castles which dot Forth and Bargy, this is by far the best perserved.
The Rossiters occupied this castle for some time. This family shared the fortunes of the unfortunate and ungrateful Stuart Kings.
The last proprietor of Bargy of the name Rossiter was one of the defenders of Wexford against Cromwell.
His estates were confiscated in the following year and passed to Harvey one of Cromwell's lieutenants in whose family it remains to the present day.
Bargy Castle was the birthplace of the worthy though unfortunate Bagnel Harvey who, like so many of the gentry of Co Wexford espoused the cause of the people in 1798 and took stand by them.
He was chosen general of the gallant insurgents, a position which unfortunately for himself and for them he was totally unfit for. His efforts not proving successful he retired to the Saltee Islands where after a short time he was

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