School: Cuan an Bhainigh (Bannow)

Carrick, Co. Wexford
Tomás Breatnach
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0876, Page 108

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0876, Page 108

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  1. Some years ago a man named Peter Ffrench went to Wexford for a load of meal. He got a drop too much and it was late and he leaving the town. It was a frosty night and when he came to the Hill of the Tokar the horse fell. He went to Dake's forge for help to lift the horse. While he was away some of the Grange boys came and skinned the horse. Then they skinned a sheep. They tied this skin aound the horse with briers. Afterwards the wool grew on the horse and he had to be sheared. Blackberries also grew on him from the briars.
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