School: Danescastle

Danescastle, Co. Wexford
Micheál Ó Loinghsigh

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Coolhull Castle

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0875, Page 034

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There is a very large Norman Castle in Coolhull. It is in a very good state of preservation still, considering that it has stood there for nearly eight Centuries. There is a queer story told about this castle.
There is a tradition that there is a large sum of money buried under the door-step of the Castle. A Ghostly woman dressed in white has been seen walking to and fro by this door and the common belief was that she was keeping guard over the money. A misterious light is reported to have been seen leaving the Castle at night and as suddenly dissappearing.

Former inhabitants of the house near the Castle put an ass inside the front door. The next morning the wooden door was broken and the donkey was missing. All subsequent attempts to quarter the donkey inside this door failed as the animal seemed to have a terrible fear of entering
On another night as some people were coming from a neighbour's house they saw a coach drawn by four horses and travelling at great speed drove up to the Castle door and wait a considerable time to see if it would re-appear they were dissapointed as it never emerged again

John Stafford
Graigue Little, Co. Wexford