School: Shelbaggan Convent

Shelbaggan, Co. Wexford
An tSr M. Breandán

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0874, Page 051

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Although Clonsharragh comes in for a fair share of attention in the annals of Dunbrodi, it claims a fair share of our attention from the facet that in the later years of the 17th Century it became the home of a branch of the O Riellys from East Breffni - Cavan who brought Father John MacErrill with them as their family chaplin and this gave to the parish of St. James one of the most heroic pastors of the Penal days.

The first O Rielly we have any authentic account of in Clonsharragh was Terence, He married Elizabeth Itchingham of Dunbrody, this lady must have belonged to a collateral branch of the Itchinghams who succeeded to the Dunbrodi estates. It was probably this marriage connection with the proprietors of Dunbrodi that brought about the O Rielly settlement in Clonsharra, where they built a splendid mansion and farmed the greater portion of the townland.
The O Rielly farm here amounted

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Patrick Cowman
Ballyhack, Co. Wexford