School: Shelbaggan Convent

Shelbaggan, Co. Wexford
An tSr M. Breandán

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Haggard and Ballymadder

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0874, Page 047

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The Haggard of old, that gave its rents and contributions of sheep etc to the reps. of the Abbots of Dunbrody, is there still and like the other portions of the Dunbrody estates, it holds a prosperous peasantry "that knows or fears no Lord save the Lord on high"

But, where is the ancient Ballymadder
Echo answers where ! There is not a vestage of its people, or their homes to be found, the whole village was wiped out by Chicester, the "arch villain of the Plantations" to make way for a Scotch planter.
When Goldsmith returned to his native Auburn, he found only one solitary being out of the joyous crowd that he left there in his early youth and this old matron was
"The sad historian of the pensive plain"
but in Ballymadder there was not even one left to tell the tale of the vanished homesteads where the children played and where the grown ups made merry

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Patrick Cowman
Ballyhack, Co. Wexford