School: Shelbaggan Convent

Shelbaggan, Co. Wexford
An tSr M. Breandán

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Battlestown Rath

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0874, Page 043

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The old people were greatly impressed by the idea that some supernatural agency governed those raths. The one in question in local tradition, is supposed to belong to the Danes.

Two demons or evil spirits in the shape of huge black hounds keep guard there
Long ago people had wonderful ideas of these enchanted treasures. One of the theories that I have often heard told by the fireside by travelling mendicants (and they were well versed in popular beliefs) was that when the Pagan Danes were hiding their treasures they would take some of their retainers or followers who were in their power and make them swear by their Pagan deities to guard their hidden treasures.
They would then slay the guardian thus sworn on the very spot where the treasure was hidden, so that the blood of the victim would fall on the

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Patrick Cowman
Ballyhack, Co. Wexford