School: Shelbaggan Convent

Shelbaggan, Co. Wexford
An tSr M. Breandán

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Shelbaggan Convent | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0874, Page 032

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Fort of Duncannon. Lieutenant Anthony Trevisco (who was afterwards killed in the attack on Dungulph Castle) in charge of a detachment attacked the town and castle of Ramsgrange, defeated and took prisoner Captain Keating with about twenty of his man and burnt down both town and castle. Lady Ormond and her children were at the same time in Waterford which place was wholly in favour of the confederates. When the news of Captain Keatings capture reached there, Lady Ormond was detained as hostage for the release of Keating and Lord Esmonde (who command in Duncannon) had unwillingly to consent to the exchange with great difficulty getting her ladyship and the children conveyed to the Fort and transhipped to Dublin. (The affair is described in a letter from Lord Esmonde to Lord Ormond.)