School: Shelbaggan Convent

Shelbaggan, Co. Wexford
An tSr M. Breandán

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0874, Page 016

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The earliest record that we can have of this locality is the Charter of Henry de Montmarisco to the Abbot, was in Shropshire signed in the year 1175 and quoted in the Bull of Pope Celestine III for the ratification of the founding of Dunbrody Abbey 1195.
We find it spelt "Duncannon." the Dún or fort of the son of Canan, or Conan and granted with all its fishing weirs etc, to that Abbey for ever.
in 1422 King Henry II seized a portion of the Dunbrody lands for non-payment fines, made a grant of Duncannon to John Talbot of Shrewsbury.
Dissolution of Dunbrody
1587: Towards the end of this year when the rumours of the Spanish invasion began to gather force, the favourable position occupied by Sir Nicholas White suggested the erection of a Fort in Duncannon. At that time Sir Edward Etchingham was proprietor of Dunbrody and

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