School: Gusserane

Gusserane, Co. Wexford
Bríghid, Bean Nic Fheorais
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 337

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 337

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  1. Inscriptions in Nash Graveyard. Cassagh, New Ross, Co Wexford
    Here lieth the body of Michael Gill who departed this life February 7th 1502.
    Passengers as you pass by,
    As you are now so once was I.
    As I am now so shall you be,
    Prepare for death and pray for me.
    Here lieth the body of Honey Kincely who died Feb. 17th 1763 aged 6 years.
    Erected by Michael Hanlon of Eclamon in memory of his son Patrick who departed this life December 26th 1841 aged 27.
    Inscriptions in "Kinnagh" Graveyard
    Ballycullane, Co Wexford
    Here lieth the body of Anthony Reynolds a native of the county Tyrone. He was faithful to his employer and tho' a miller was an honest man dep.d. this life Dec. 13th, 1790, aged 33 years.
    Here lieth the body of Phil. Roche who died April the 19th 1770 aged 63 years. Lord have mercy on his soul.
    Inscriptions in "The Poll" Graveyard.
    Gusserane, New Ross, Co Wexford
    Erected by Thomas Haughton in memory of his wife Bridget Haughton also alias Barron who died July 5th 1512, aged 36 years his father William Haughton
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