School: San Leonard, Ballycullane

Saintleonards, Co. Wexford
Mary B. Dunphy

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San Leonard, Ballycullane | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 037

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The white-border Cap & the hair Net.

Old women 50 or sixty years ago wore nice white caps with 'crimpy' borders. These caps were washed, starched, and ironed most carefully. There was a special iron shaped like a narrow finger for doing the 'crimpy' borders. This iron was called the "tally iron."
A thick black or brown hair net was worn round the large bun of hair. This net had elastic at the edges so that it gripped well. It kept the hair very neat and tidy. Some nets were made of 'chenille' others were knitted with woollen thread.

Neck Handkerchiefs
The women all wore small shawls made of cashmere, some black, some green, some grey, shepherd's plaid three corner ways across the shoulders, with loose ends in front. These were edged with heavy fringe.
For Sunday and best wear the better class had black lace little shawls.
Drawing of small fringed shawl.

Check Aprons
Capacious check aprons (yards and yards of check) belted round the waist were worn during working hours. The two loose ends of the neck handkerchiefs were gripped in the belt of the apron during work.
When work was over in the night, or when a visitor called, the apron was slipped off.

Mary B. Dunphy