School: Loughill, Longford

Laughil, Co. Longford
P. Ó Corcora

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Local Ruins

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0768, Page 371

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There is a ruined castle within sight of the school. It is called Castleragh or Caisleán Riabhach. It is situated in the townsland of of Castlereagh Parish of Ardagh Barony of Moydow. It is supposed to be built by the O Farrells of Annaly and was beseiged on several occasions. I do not know any particulars about these seiges. There are two ruins of churches in Ardagh. One was built by St Patrick. It is called St Patrick's Cathedral. The relics of St Mel nephew of St Patrick and first Bishop of Ardagh are supposed to be buried in it. It is only 4 feet in height and it was said that the work suddenly stopped because St Patrick was building it one night when a man asked him. "What the devil are you doing"?" Owing to the fact that the devil's name was mentioned in conjunction with it St Patrick stopped the work. It is built with huge stones. I do not know anything about the other ruins which are situated on the grounds of Ardagh House. The Fetherstons of Ardagh House former landlords are buried inside in this church. There is the ruins of a monastery in Bawn Moydow called Bawn Abbey. Friar's lived here. It is now almost gone into decay. There was a church and graveyard in Aughintemple Parish of Ardagh but both are now gone. About 10 years ago the present owner John McCord removed the boundary walls of the graveyard. There was a child buried

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Bernard Kane