School: Ballinalee (roll number 1174)

Ballinalee, Co. Longford
Ss. Ó Mainchín

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 253

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Gunner McGee was attached to the Longford Militia but deserted and joined the Irish. He marched to Ballinamuck and was in charge of a gun but when discharging his last shot his cannon got broken and he was taken prisoner by Lorn Cornwallis' forces and brought to Ballinalee. He was hanged with others in the townland of Cavan near Ballinalee.

After the Battle of Ballinamuck there were eight men who had told something on the English, taken prisoner and after been half killed they were thrown on a waggon and brought to Arva, Co Cavan where they were buried while still alive. The Irish traced the way they were taken by a trail of blood all the way.
In the townland of Lettergunnel Ballinamuck there is a field in which there are five or six headstones. The old people say some of those killed in the battle of Ballinamuck are buried there.
A man named Denniston of Clonbroney parish and another named Phil Kiernan of the same parish, led their men towards Granard where the French were heading for. When the French failed to

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