School: Ballinalee (roll number 1174)

Ballinalee, Co. Longford
Ss. Ó Mainchín

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Places of Historic Interest in the Parish

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 207

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Clonbroney Graveyard. Ruins of an old church or monastery said to have been founded by Bronach daughter of Milco.
Moat in Moatfarrell. said to contain the stone on which the O Farrells chieftains of Annally were inagurated.
Charlton's Folly. An old building in Moatfarrell contains no window opeinings. Said to have been built but never completed for an eccentric named Charlton.
Moatfarrell Graveyard:-
Bully's Acre, Ballinalee, said to contain the remains of about 150 Irishmen executed here after the battle of Ballinamuck 1798.
Ruins in village said to be those of a monastery of St John from which the village was called up to about a century ago. St John's town.
Local traditions differ as to the burial place of the Irishmen hanged after Ballinamuck. Some accounts say they are buried in the townland of Cavan and that the trees on which they were hanged stood there up to a short time ago, the track of the rope being visible
This is not at all impossible as there was a road thro' Esker townland (parish of Killoe) which was continued thro' the townland of Cavan to Longford town. It crossed the Camlin beside the spot where the croppies are said to be buried in Cavan townland

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