School: Clonbroney, Meathus Truim

Clonbroney, Co. Longford
Ss. Ó Conchobhair

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The Cross-Breakers of Ballinalee

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 076

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In the County Tyrone, near the town of Dungannon,
Where many a ruction myself had a han' in,
Bob Williamson lived there, a weaver by trade,
All all of us thought him a stout orange blade,
And all of us thought him a stout orange blade.
(The Old Orange Flute)

Well, as the old saying goes - "There are more Paddy Lees than one," so in the Ireland of thirty five or forty years ago, there were more Dungannons than one, if not in name, at least in the disposition and the social and religious feeling of certain of the inhabitants.
And so my story opens
About thirty five years ago, a man named Thomas V. Edgeworth, lived at Kilshrewley, Ballinalee. By birth, he belonged to the well known family of Edgeworth, of which Maria and the Abbe were not the least.
Tom, as he was popularly called, belonged to the landlord class, but, unlike most of the landlords, he was no rackrenter; on the contrary, he was very kind, very charitable and a just man.
In those days, when the Grand Juries administered the local affairs of the different counties, Tom

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Thomas Connolly