School: Currycahill (roll number 11301)

Currycahill, Co. Longford
Mrs. A. Wilson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 037

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 037

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  1. About a mile and a half from my home there is a ruins which was once a beautiful mansion. It was called Kilshrewly Manor and it belonged to a family of Edgeworths who were relations of that famous writer Maria Edgeworth. It was burned during the troubled times of Ireland.
    All that remains of the house after it was burned was sold bit by bit to various people for building materials and there is only one apartment left now along with the numerous stables and outoffices all of which are in bad repair. This one apartment stands lonely looking up on a height beside a pond which is formed out of the river Camlin now overrun with weeds. It is surrounded by rhododendron trees and bamboo canes.
    On the west side there was a beautiful avenue which goes round in a sweep to the north side of the house. This is now overgrown with grass. On the part of the avenue which crosses the Camlin there is a metal bridge which is still in repair.
    On the other side of the avenue there is a beautiful waterfall built on the Camlin which is still in repair only the weeds want to be cleaned out of it.
    The walls and fences are all broken down and it has become a commons with animals roaming
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Patty Lackey
    Soran, Co. Longford