School: Currycahill (roll number 11301)

Currycahill, Co. Longford
Mrs. A. Wilson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 026

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 026

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  1. The two local grave-yards I know of are Bully's Acre and Old Clonbroney. Bully's Acre is just beside the village of St.. John's town now called Ballinalee. Old Clonbroney is not as old as Bully's Acre. There is a lane going up to it called the Rock Lane. There are old head-stones in it. Cornwallis led 137 of the Irish hanged and buried in Bully's Acre. They were returning from the battle of Ballinamuck though Ballinalee in 1798. There is supposed to be a ghost in Bully's Acre.
    It is at the back of Reynolds cottage. There are no burials in it now. Clonbroney is not as old as Bully's Acre there are no burials in it now because there is a new graveyard is Ballinalee opposite the Prodastant Church. There was a monastery in Clonbroney long ago.
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    May Mc Vitty
    Aghnashannagh, Co. Longford