School: Currycahill (roll number 11301)

Currycahill, Co. Longford
Mrs. A. Wilson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 005

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0766, Page 005

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  1. The name of my townland is Soran. It is in Killoe Parish, Co. Longford. It is about two and a half miles long and a mile in width. There are three divisions in it; Soran Scanlon, Soran Coyle and Soran Kelly, but I do not know if it belonged to three men of those names formerly.
    There is a family the name of Scanlon living in it yet, but the names Coyle and Kelly have died out. The name Soran means limekiln, there were some limekilns in this townland which have been closed up and perhaps it get its name from those.
    There are about forty families and about one hundred people in it. Brady is the most common name in Soran. There are not many people in this townland over seventy years of age. The most of the houses are thatched. There are more houses in the townland now than there were long ago. Some new Labourers Cottages have been built with in the last few years.
    There are two bogs in it, and several hills; one is called [?] There are some sand-pits too one of which has silver sand. There are no Irish speakers in Soran. A great many people have emigrated to Americia, and there was a shipping agent's office there at one time.
    I do not know any song or saying about this townland. There are four small rivers running through it, one
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    Soran, Co. Longford
    Patty Lackey
    Soran, Co. Longford